Jun 8 19



Just go to the flashback and think of a kitchen with lots of shelves, utensil racks, gas cylinder and dustbin open to all; how do you feel your modern kitchen would look if you have that kind of a set up! Certainly it will not represent your apartment or your house as a modern dwelling.

Now, in this world of technology, where every item is getting upgraded, then why not your kitchen! In fact, today if you conduct a survey asking people as the kind of kitchen do they prefer; then the only answer which you will get from maximum people is the modular kitchen. Yes, nowadays people prefer more of modular kitchens to a regular kitchen.

Earlier people had a notion that modular kitchen means an expensive proposition. However, this is incorrect as nowadays many interior designing companies can assist you with this project at a pretty reasonable price. In fact, you will get a choice of semi modular or full modular kitchen concept and as per your wish and affordability.

Modular kitchen is not only chosen for show but also for its high functionality as working in this kind of a kitchen is very convenient and time saving. In this world of modernism where often both husband and wife are found to be working, there modular kitchen is a necessity because in this concept , the lady of the house can easily find her needful item from the kitchen without much hazards and without spending much time. Also she can even maintain it properly without any difficulty.

Here are some of the advantages of modular kitchen, which will indulge you to go and meet with an interior designer immediately for converting your regular kitchen to a modular one.

• Increases the look of the house. – A beautiful and systemized kitchen is a status symbol, especially for the woman of the house. Along with the modern furnitures, it increases the charm of a house.

• Creates more space for storage- The cabinets installed in the kitchen creates ample space for storage and helps in giving an organized look.

• Completely portable – Since the concept comprises of cabinets which are mostly detachable, hence, those items can be carried from one place to another very easily, if required.

• Easy working – Working in an organized setup is always easier than a disorganized one. It gives a complete sense of satisfaction. Hence, modular kitchen is such a place where the lady of the house feels comfortable working.

• Easy maintenance– The materials used for it are generally waterproof. Hence, cleaning them is not at all a hard task. You can either clean it regularly or weekly as per your convenience. And normal household techniques are more than enough for its cleaning.

A well organized kitchen setup is a dream for almost all ladies and nowadays this desire can be easily fulfilled by the concept of the modular kitchen kolkata.


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