Modular kitchen’s are designed by experts with standard sizes & correct angles & provide comfort, ease of activity and sleek looks.
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Kitchen Themes

Vibrant kitchen
Get inspired by these fabulous and daring kitchen colour schemes. Colour is a powerful design that can change your perception of the space, making it feel wider and brighter. And, of course, it’s a great way to express your personality.
Heritage kitchen
Wooden finish shutters in the kitchen are timeless yet classic. This comes with other givens, such as neutral & earthy colour palette and simple, unfussy details.
Contempo kitchen
This series caters to the modern, minimalist and trendy taste. The subtle & pastel colour palette of cabinets make the interior look sleek & fresh.
Victorian kitchen
Royal, yet modern. Our Victorian themed kitchens are one of the best sellers.
Kitchen Architecture
L-Shape Kitchen
Like its name has two counters that join forming a L-shape, giving an efficient kitchen triangle.
Straight Kitchen
Kitchen essentials and cabinets are placed in a linear style, providing a sleek and unbent look.
Island Kitchen
A counter in the middle for prepping and serving.
Parallel Kitchen
Two collaterally placed counters, providing good storage.
U-shaped Kitchen
Kitchens with 3 counter’s attached forming a U shape
G shaped Kitchen
Similar to a U shaped kitchen with an added peninsula wall.
Your Kitchen is build with the best
The tough qualities of steel makes it one of the best choices for your kitchen carcass.

Stainless Steel 304 grade - With high amounts of chromium and nickel gives 304 stainless steel excellent corrosion resistance and keeps it durable for a long period of time.

Galvanised steel - With a coating of zinc applied to steel, offers protection and prevents rusting. The GPSP sheets are 0.6 to 0.8 mm in thickness.

Choosing a wooden carcass opens up doors to minimal maintenance and decade long life.

Boiling Water Proof 16mm Caliberated Marine Ply - This marine ply is highly resistant to humidity & moisture, which makes in an ideal choice of material for your kitchen.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) - MDF is the best in class engineered wood that is an ideal choice for paint application, storage body & an economic option

  • Back Painted Glass
    Give a richer look, easy to clean and shows a reflective surface.
  • Acrylic Finish
    High gloss acrylic finish, flat ,reflective surface & scratch resistant.
  • PU coated
    You can pick up any colour for a topcoat. PU coating finishes come in matte and High Gloss.
  • Powder Coated
    Eco Friendly, prevents rust & termite. It's easy to clean and available in a wide range of colours.
  • 4SEB Laminate
    Water proof ply with 4 sides edge bend, no peeling off & gives smooth edges.
  • Wood Finish
    Giving it a classic heritage look with modern twist.
  • Steel Finish
    More resistance to daily wear & tear, is rust proof and has a longer lifetime.
  • Victorian Finish
    Has detailed deep carvings, with most luxurious and pastel colour options.
  • Magnum Finish
    With a blend of black & gold tone which makes it look large and spacious specially for Big size families adding a bling factor
  • Membrane
    Stylish looks along with impeccable finish, is easy to clean.
Choose from a huge range of german brands, using the best quality materials and mechanism.
Promoting the ‘Make in India’, get the best Indian made channels, hinges & handles.
Why choose an Ultrafresh Kitchen?
45 Day Delivery
Rust & Termite Proof
Wood + Mild steel Kitchen
Unique Fresh Designs
10 Year Warranty*
In-house Manufacturing
Kitchen Zones
The 5 Zones are the primary areas that are a part of an ideal modular kitchen, which ensure proper space utilisation and flow. The flow of the zones will ensure cooking efficiency and flow of cooking activities.
Edible Zone
In this zone your edible items like food, species, fruits and veggies are stored. This zone includes refrigerators, storage units like drawers and cabinets.
Culinary Zone
The culinary zone has space for items like pots, pans, dishes, silverware and other culinary necessitates.
Cleaning Zone
The cleaning zone consists of your sink, garbage bin and dishwasher.
Preparation Zone
This includes your countertop area where you can prepare your food and keep once ready.
Cooking Zone
This zone includes your Cooking hob, chimney , an oven or even a whole cooking range.
Kitchen deconstruction
Base Units
Wall Units
Tall Units
Microwave Oven
Glass Shutters
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Adding Freshness elements
  • Chimney’s & Cooker Hoods
    Being No.1 in chimney manufacturing in India, Utrafresh gets you a range of modular chimney’s.
  • Built in hob
    The fuel-smouldering hob or a stove is the most fundamental outline of the kitchen.
  • Cook tops
    The heart of every kitchen, where the absolute magic is done.
Routine handles
Easy to handle and come in a variety of patterns and shapes.
Inlay handles
Placed along the very edge of the cabinets, give a sleek atypical look to the kitchen.
G shaped
Attached to the cabinet carcass, get you a harmonious and uniform look.
Compact, geometrical and sturdy looks for easy access.
Unique designs executed
Get inspired by these fabulous and daring kitchen colour schemes.
Get inspired by these fabulous and daring kitchen colour schemes.
Get inspired by these fabulous and daring kitchen colour schemes.
Get inspired by these fabulous and daring kitchen colour schemes.
Modular Kitchen Forte
Modular kitchen’s are designed by experts with standard sizes & correct angles and provide comfort, ease of activity and sleek looks.
Designed for your comfort
Frequently asked questions

A modular kitchen is a factory made kitchen which is designed by an expert. A modular kitchen reflects modernity and its features include sleek looks, maximum space utilisation, easy workflow and good ventilation. The kitchen components are completely manufactured in the factory and later assembled in your kitchen.

An ideal modular kitchen design always includes the kitchen triangle. Kitchen triangle ensure proper proximity between stove, fridge and the sink depending upon the kitchen type.

A modular kitchen benefits you with maximum space utilisation, sleek looks and systematic flow of events.

When you make an inquiry, Ultrafresh sends an expert, takes the necessary kitchen measurement and makes a note of your needs and wants. Our design experts will then produce with FRESH design for your kitchen. The design is then finalised, with changes (if made). You pay the booking amount and book your kitchen. Before the final delivery, you complete your payment. The kitchen gets ready in 45 days after placing an order and is installed in 1 - 5 days.

The kitchen is a space that sees a lot of water usage as well as wear and tear. If you choose shutters of the wrong material, you are likely to end up with decomposed or chipped shutters that mar the look and functionality of your kitchen. Durable options include MDF hardboard and Marine Ply. If you prefer a steel kitchen, galvanised steel and stainless steel (304 Grade) are the best options.

During your appointment with Ultrafresh, our experts will take note of your needs and requirements and suggest the most suitable kitchen.

Our designers will help you choose a suitable colour. You will also be able to see a preview of your kitchen in the chosen colours with the help of the 3D design.

We have ___ colours from you to choose from, but still if you don’t like any, you can provide us with the desired materials and get your colour.

At Ultrafresh, nothing is impossible. We can absolutely pull off a beautiful gloss + matt finish kitchen.

The appliances are not a part of the kitchen design, but you can include them but putting in a requirement.

Yes, the inner fixtures are included in the design of your kitchen.

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