With over 25 years of experience, Ultrafresh is a pioneer and renowned name in the kitchen solutions space in India. Our wide range of products – modular kitchens (mild steel and wooden), appliances, accessories etc. imbibe the best technology and are designed to suit the Indian cooking conditions. Our kitchen solutions ensure great performance, reliability, and safety. With our rich and stunningly beautiful kitchen, appliances, & accessories, we are redefining the way you cook. Over the years, we have earned the trust and love of millions of consumers. And, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation to bring your imagination to life. With flexibility in design, top-quality construction and varied choice of colors & material, Ultrafresh makes it easy for you to create your dream kitchen.

Ulrafresh wooden kitchens are available in two different materials

MDF (medium density fibreboard):

Made from a hot pressed composite of wood–based waste material bound together with a chemical resin. These boards are a dense building material. They can be given different surface finish. They can be pasted with veneer or coated with paint. They are an economical option for new homes & commercial projects. 

Advantages of MDF

  • MDF is generally cheaper than marine plywood.
  • The surface of MDF is very smooth, and you don’t have to worry about knots on the surface.
  • Because it’s so smooth, it’s a great surface for painting.
  • Also because of its smoothness, MDF is a great substrate for veneer.
  • MDF is very consistent throughout, so cut edges appear smooth and won’t have voids or splinters.
  • Because of the smooth edges, you can use a router to create decorative edges.

Marine Ply

Ultrafresh uses engineered panels made from wood veneer. They are glued & its strength maximises as they are pressed with a rigid adhesive.

Advantages of plywood

  • Because it consists of layers of wood veneer with the grain on each layer running a different direction, it’s a very strong building material.
  • It’s less susceptible to water damage than MDF, and won’t soak up water and swell as quickly or easily as MDF does.
  • It holds screws very tightly since the varying grains of wood on each layer give the screws something to hold onto.
  • It's strong & durable.


At Ultrafresh, we have combined our 25 years of expertise and experience of kitchen appliances, and our state-of-the-art production to bring contemporary mild steel modular kitchens to our valued customers. As one of the few pan-India steel modular kitchen manufacturers, we take pride in delivering functionality and durability to your cooking experience.

  • Eco Friendly
  • Water Resistant
  • Termite Proof
  • Choice of Colours
  • Fungal Resistant
  • Durability
  • Steel Shutter
  • After Sales Service
  • Wooden finish Steel Shutters
  • Own manufacturing setup
  • Weathering Conditions


Wood Finish Shutters

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