Kitchen Cabinets

ULTRAFRESH has been serving India’s kitchen prerequisites for more than 25 years and enjoying a decent market share owing to its top quality products. Our modular kitchens offer you a wide range of kitchen cabinets and accessories to suit all your needs in term of size, design, budget & quality. Our advanced kitchen appliances (chimneys, hobs and cooktops) complement modern day as well as conventional Indian kitchens.

Carcass and shutter

Modular kitchen cabinets are the body or carcass which is available in different materials. Shutters are the doors to these cabinets providing aesthetics to the kitchen. Durability, cost, water-resistance and aesthetics are the deciding factors to keep in mind while choosing the cabinet and shutter material. We offer three types of material to our customers.

Ultra Classic

(Mild Steel)

Ultra Modern


Ultra Velvet

(Acrylic Range)


The colour and finish of the shutters on the cabinets add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. Ultrafresh offers you a wide range of shutter finishes to ensure that you get the best for your modular kitchen. The shutter material are available in plenty of vibrant colors, fascinating designs, myriad textures and gorgeous patterns that one can choose from. Decide on the best finish for your kitchen cabinets depending on your use, budget and taste to enhance the overall look and feel of your modular kitchen. The use of membranes and the four-sided bend in matt and high gloss make the kitchen cabinets come alive. Our latest offerring - MS shutters with wood finish (available in four wooden shades) are eco-friendly, water resistant, termite proof, fungal resistant and are durable.

Shutter Finishes

Ultra Velvet

(Acrylic Range)

Ultra Glow

(High Gloss / Designer Range)

Ultra Satin

(MS Painted)

Ultra Glitter

(High Gloss 4 Side Edge Bended)

Ultra Pearl

(Ms Powder Coated)

Ultra Marble

(Standard Range)

Ultra Matt


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