Ultrafresh Modular Kitchen Accessories

Ultrafresh Modular Kitchen designs come fitted with variety of accessories which maximise kitchen storage and provide easy access to stored item. In anUltrafresh Modular Kitchen there is designated place for everything and everything is in place. Ultrafresh Accessories includes pull-out shelves, drawers, blind corner systems, drawer dividers, cutlery try, dish racks, adjustable organizers, under the sink pullouts, trash cans, recycling and backsplash systems etc. Tall storage units offer unimaginable capacity and delightful convenience . Ultrafresh corner systems let you maximize storage in hard to reach corner cabinets. Once installed these accessories make it easy for everyone to access and use this valuable space in your kitchen. To meet demand of every kitchen design and every customer’s specific needs we bring unimaginable variety in Ultrafreshaccessory designs as well as price rangez

Alfa Accessories (Supreme Quality Range)

These accessories are made in Germany and re-establish the reputation of German products with unmatched design and unparallel quality.

Beta Accessories (Premium Quality Range)

when you choose Beta accessories you are assured that you are not compromising on quality and your dream kitchen also fits your budget.

Gama Accessories (Worthy Quality Range)

this range of accessories are not only pocket friendly but also available in maximum verity of design to choose from.

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