Jun 8 19


ultrafresh modular Kitchen L shape

A kitchen is more than a cooking area, rather it’s the heart of our home. Aesthetically combined with elegance the functionality of a modular kitchen in Kolkata is just not beyond satisfaction, but truly unique to our nature and needs. And for the Kolkata’s pride of being foodie is added up with modularity, bringing in the authenticity of the cuisine.

The traditional homes are adopting to modular kitchen over the couple of decades. The old dingy and unorganised kitchens are no more preferred. Sleekly designed kitchen to suit individual needs and preference as well as the available space in our home. Its standardized units pre-fabricated in a huge array of material in sheen colours with a clean floor and wall getup. At different price ranges affordable to various budgets facilitated with kitchen counters, cabinets and shutters. Even their sizes are standardised throughout to made it shift the location.

People in the City of Joy utilises a mix or match of the basic models according to their taste and preference. For cabinets and drawers they prefer natural or lacquered wood or combination with laminates, granite and aluminium marble. Irrespective of it people prefer materials which are water resistant. Even if its ply remember to go with marine ply. If with steel then to opt for powder coated to prevent from rust.

Kitchen Counters goes best in granite for Indian style cooking and specially for Kolkata. Depending on choice it can be L shaped or parallel counters and some even prefers a C shape for an extra elegance and space availability. For a larger square feet people opts for an island style too. Ladies of Kolkata who happens to be the Queen of Kitchen even takes it to the world of fantasies based on their budget and preferences. Although such form factor is expensive but people opt for it as a mark of luxury and elegance and more to it making a safe place for cooking. The range of modular kitchen starts from 5000 and can even go up to 500000 for a standard life style. However the upper limit can scale up to anything as affordable. Wide availability of companies taking end to end implementation of modular kitchen customised as per the needs choice and budget of the home maker. Plethora of colours of choice like hot red, stimulating golden, serene blue, and visibly green are some of the ideal choice, extended to wooden shades like cedar and birch.

The basic difference between a modular kitchen and a traditional one is the same as the differences between a boutique clothing and local tailor made cloth. But the significant difference is in the comfort and satisfaction of using a modular one. Irrespective of generations a modular kitchen has proved to be the best common space of work. Thus its highly admired and afforded by couples of all ages. Rather they take pride in doing so. Modular Kitchen has revolutionised Kitchen Decor across the countries. Above all it is the most organised space available to modern and traditional household as it makes cooking, grinding, frying easy.

Maintainability which is simple and less time consuming is another reason for having the modular kitchen. Creativity and design has a great role to play in ornamenting the most authentic place of expression. Kitchen allow the cook to express the culinary skills, it is the gourmet’s paradise. The comfort and elegance is achieved in kitchen Decor within the parameters of convenience and ease. Even the Builders nowadays are offering an extent of modularity in their new properties.