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Just go to the flashback and think of a kitchen with lots of shelves, utensil racks, gas cylinder and dustbin open to all; how do you feel your modern kitchen would look if you have that kind of a set up! Certainly it will not represent your apartment or your house as a modern dwelling.

Now, in this world of technology, where every item is getting upgraded, then why not your kitchen! In fact, today if you conduct a survey asking people as the kind of kitchen do they prefer; then the only answer which you will get from maximum people is the modular kitchen. Yes, nowadays people prefer more of modular kitchens to a regular kitchen.

Earlier people had a notion that modular kitchen means an expensive proposition. However, this is incorrect as nowadays many interior designing companies can assist you with this project at a pretty reasonable price. In fact, you will get a choice of semi modular or full modular kitchen concept and as per your wish and affordability.

Modular kitchen is not only chosen for show but also for its high functionality as working in this kind of a kitchen is very convenient and time saving. In this world of modernism where often both husband and wife are found to be working, there modular kitchen is a necessity because in this concept , the lady of the house can easily find her needful item from the kitchen without much hazards and without spending much time. Also she can even maintain it properly without any difficulty.

Here are some of the advantages of modular kitchen, which will indulge you to go and meet with an interior designer immediately for converting your regular kitchen to a modular one.

• Increases the look of the house. – A beautiful and systemized kitchen is a status symbol, especially for the woman of the house. Along with the modern furnitures, it increases the charm of a house.

• Creates more space for storage- The cabinets installed in the kitchen creates ample space for storage and helps in giving an organized look.

• Completely portable – Since the concept comprises of cabinets which are mostly detachable, hence, those items can be carried from one place to another very easily, if required.

• Easy working – Working in an organized setup is always easier than a disorganized one. It gives a complete sense of satisfaction. Hence, modular kitchen is such a place where the lady of the house feels comfortable working.

• Easy maintenance– The materials used for it are generally waterproof. Hence, cleaning them is not at all a hard task. You can either clean it regularly or weekly as per your convenience. And normal household techniques are more than enough for its cleaning.

A well organized kitchen setup is a dream for almost all ladies and nowadays this desire can be easily fulfilled by the concept of the modular kitchen kolkata.


Jun 8 19

Home Appliances – The luxury of life


They say nothing is permanent and true it is. Life changes and so does the environment. Things have been discovered time and again that has bettered the quality of human life. It has called for sustained innovation and development that brings dreams into reality. This human attitude has been the core factor in the fruitful journey so far. Among every sector that has witnessed advancement; home décor is one of them.

Kitchen appliances that beautify the home

Home appliances have played their crucial role in easing lives. Be it television, washing machine, hair dryer, mixer grinder or a refrigerator; these have contributed heavily to the evolution of human beings. It is because of them that everyone lives a much better life these days. Similarly home décor must be a matter of notice. It has to be in thoughts as the foods and beverages are prepared nowhere else.

Hygiene along with excellent designs beautifies the kitchen and that is what accounts for praises and lauds. Not just this but even quality kitchen appliances are required for the ease of preparing food. A lot of companies offer varied products that differ in quality, price and durability. Thus, one does not really have to worry about how to buy modern kitchen appliances. All you need to do is to know what will look best with your house interiors.

Online Availability

If by chances the nearest store is quite far from one’s place, the internet is always there. When everything has been made available at the ease of a click, this should not be a part of anyone’s worry list. The e-commerce sector has talked volumes in terms of sales and growth and thus, one may buy kitchen appliances online sitting back at home.

Right from cabinets, drawers and induction units to crockery shelves; everything is on wonderful display in the form of a virtual store. All that is required is to login to the web and browse through these sections. The organized display saves time and money and helps in making the best choice; thanks to the comparison feature. Every part of one’s home should be worth living and the kitchen is a place considered next to temple. It deserves much more that what is usually gets.


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A kitchen is more than a cooking area, rather it’s the heart of our home. Aesthetically combined with elegance the functionality of a modular kitchen in Kolkata is just not beyond satisfaction, but truly unique to our nature and needs. And for the Kolkata’s pride of being foodie is added up with modularity, bringing in the authenticity of the cuisine.

The traditional homes are adopting to modular kitchen over the couple of decades. The old dingy and unorganised kitchens are no more preferred. Sleekly designed kitchen to suit individual needs and preference as well as the available space in our home. Its standardized units pre-fabricated in a huge array of material in sheen colours with a clean floor and wall getup. At different price ranges affordable to various budgets facilitated with kitchen counters, cabinets and shutters. Even their sizes are standardised throughout to made it shift the location.

People in the City of Joy utilises a mix or match of the basic models according to their taste and preference. For cabinets and drawers they prefer natural or lacquered wood or combination with laminates, granite and aluminium marble. Irrespective of it people prefer materials which are water resistant. Even if its ply remember to go with marine ply. If with steel then to opt for powder coated to prevent from rust.

Kitchen Counters goes best in granite for Indian style cooking and specially for Kolkata. Depending on choice it can be L shaped or parallel counters and some even prefers a C shape for an extra elegance and space availability. For a larger square feet people opts for an island style too. Ladies of Kolkata who happens to be the Queen of Kitchen even takes it to the world of fantasies based on their budget and preferences. Although such form factor is expensive but people opt for it as a mark of luxury and elegance and more to it making a safe place for cooking. The range of modular kitchen starts from 5000 and can even go up to 500000 for a standard life style. However the upper limit can scale up to anything as affordable. Wide availability of companies taking end to end implementation of modular kitchen customised as per the needs choice and budget of the home maker. Plethora of colours of choice like hot red, stimulating golden, serene blue, and visibly green are some of the ideal choice, extended to wooden shades like cedar and birch.

The basic difference between a modular kitchen and a traditional one is the same as the differences between a boutique clothing and local tailor made cloth. But the significant difference is in the comfort and satisfaction of using a modular one. Irrespective of generations a modular kitchen has proved to be the best common space of work. Thus its highly admired and afforded by couples of all ages. Rather they take pride in doing so. Modular Kitchen has revolutionised Kitchen Decor across the countries. Above all it is the most organised space available to modern and traditional household as it makes cooking, grinding, frying easy.

Maintainability which is simple and less time consuming is another reason for having the modular kitchen. Creativity and design has a great role to play in ornamenting the most authentic place of expression. Kitchen allow the cook to express the culinary skills, it is the gourmet’s paradise. The comfort and elegance is achieved in kitchen Decor within the parameters of convenience and ease. Even the Builders nowadays are offering an extent of modularity in their new properties.


Jun 8 19



If you are not familiar with the name “Modular Kitchen” and its massive number of benefits, then this article will indeed help you comprehend the same. A modular kitchen is one of the most remarkable examples of craftsmanship, which not only improvises the attractiveness of your kitchen, but also facilitates you to manage it more effectively. In other words, it is developed with custom-made shelves, cabinets, and modules, which are accurately fitted to save your kitchen’s space. There are numerous service providers in the market, which are specialized in creating modular kitchens. In order to search for the best modular kitchen developers in Delhi or other major cities of India for the best price quotes and services, you can make use of the Internet too. However, there is a wide range of benefits of a modular kitchen, but here are some of them:

Simplified Installation and un-installation: Installing or un-installing a modular kitchen is known to be a hassle-free task. No matter if you have decided to have this kind of kitchen at your home, or looking to un-install your modular kitchen, a seasoned technician can perform this task within no time. Isn’t that quick and easy, even if you are planning to shift your kitchen to a new home? That’s not all! You can also get it repaired or modified according to your convenience within less cost.

Time Saver: In today’s competitive world, time is known as money. Gone are the days, when carpenters used to annoy you with the unpleasant noise of their tools, and happened to take a lot of days to make your kitchen. But, thanks to the ever-evolving technology, which lets you have a beautiful looking modular kitchen within a short period of time. They are usually developed in the workshops, and are delivered at your home within two to four weeks. It is one of the most important reasons that more and more people prefer these types of kitchens nowadays.

More Hygienic and Better Space Management: The modular kitchen has specially designed drawers and shelves, which enable you to have a more efficient storage for your cutlery, glasses, containers, vessels, and other utensils. In addition, it also helps you fit-in your hi-tech appliances with ease, which surely reduces their maintenance cost and makes them long lasting. Moreover, you don’t have to spend much of your time to clean this type of kitchen. Hence, it is low on maintenance and more hygienic than the conventional kitchen models.

However, you can get your modular-like kitchen from any local shop or carpenter, but if you are really serious about experiencing it at its best, then it is advisable to consult a veteran technician to get the job done gracefully.

Natural Cleaning Treatment for Your Modular Kitchen

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is imperative to keep your kitchen clean and well maintained. Having a germ free kitchen ensures you that your food is being cooked in a healthy environment. However, there is a wide array of kitchen cleaning products available in the market, but only a few are effective in reality. Hence, rather than following the advertisements blindly, it is advisable to be assured that they deliver according to the promises made by their manufacturers. But, if spending a lot of money on these products is digging a hole in your pocket, then here is a piece of good news for you. You also have an option to thoroughly clean your kitchen with the help of some natural cleaning agents including white vinegar, salt, lemon, and baking soda. These natural resources of cleaning are blessed with anti-bacterial properties that help you get rid of germs that can cause serious illness. They are not only easily available, but also are friendly to your hands. But, in order to clean various components of your kitchen, you need to make the right choice among them. So, if you are all set to learn the ideas to keep your modular kitchen at its best, then here are a couple of helpful ideas to accomplish your goal:

Cabinets: The modular kitchen usually has various drawers and shelves, which let us place our cutlery, vessels, utensils, etc. You can keep them hygienic and sparkling by cleaning them with soda water and salt solution. In addition, you can make use of this solution to clean your fridge too.

Microwave oven: Microwaves are known to be the hub of bacterial pathogens. Thus, one should be exceedingly careful about its cleansing. Add a teaspoon of lemon water in a cup of boiled water, and then clean your microwave with this solution. Right after cleaning, you need to again wipe it off with a dry cloth, which should be of cotton.

Sinks: In order to clean your sinks and other tainted surfaces in your modular kitchen, you can wipe them with the help of white vinegar. Moreover, you can make a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar to swiftly clean the drains of your kitchen. Chopping Boards: If you are looking to clean the chopping boards in your kitchen, you can perform the same by sprinkling some coarse salt on it, cut a lemon and rub on it genteelly. Later, wipe it again with a wet cloth.Irrespective of your kitchen design or size, overlooking its hygiene is not a good idea. Hence, the above-mentioned measures will surely help you keep the germs related nuisances at bay.


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Modular kitchen design if carefully chosen promises to make cooking a fun filled and stress free experience. It is a comprehensible fact that a good amount of time goes into making those meals and snacks and thus the design that one chooses needs to cut down on the time by making things come handy. Best modular kitchen would be the one that acts as a perfect amalgamation of functionality, durability and affordability. You need to go in for those striking cabinets that not only win you compliments but act functional too and this is why it gets imperative to decide on what you want.

It would be a nice idea to decide on the accessories that you want to furnish the kitchen with as then it would become easy to settle in for the most practical and eye appealing kitchen design. Before you start exploring the choices, decide on the budget as this would ensure that you are on the right track. You do not need to be a pro to draft out a layout, just have the sketch in your mind and convey your thoughts to the service provider so that something fresh can be created.

Components That Make Out The Best Modular Kitchen

Now that you have decided to give a complete redecoration to your kitchen, you need to learn about those must have elements.

Countertops tend to play a vital role is kitchen design making it go attractive. Ensure that you go in for something durable, the options that can be considered as granite, wood, quartz and black limestone.

Cabinets tend to add functionality to the kitchen and thus you need to go in for the ones that require least maintenance and space. Going in for wall mounted or under the counter cabinets would be a nice idea as with this every inch of space would be utilized. The variants to consider are steel, wood, powder coated, glass, metal and PVC.

Focus on the design choices, consider going in for L or U shaped patterns as they add to the space and look stylish.

Flooring is yet another area to look at, ensure that you are going in for something that is easy to clean. You can go in for ceramic tiles or vinyl flooring looking at the amount of money you wish to spend.

Sink is one such element that you need to look at carefully, make sure that it is well within the reach and is highly durable.

Decide on the color tone as it is an integral part of the modular kitchen design. Always go in for light pastel shades as they make the kitchen look big, in case you want something bold you can go in for darker shades. Do not miss on lights, rugs and furniture items as then only you will be able to come out with the best modular kitchen.


Jun 8 19

Kitchen – The heaven at home


All the tasty dishes, the sweet desserts, beverages, snacks, tea, coffee and much more come out of the kitchen room. Where else could heaven be in a house? True, that however good one might feel in a 5 star deluxe hotel; the home is the best place to live. A very famous saying quotes “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” but kitchens are the places that deal with a lot of extra stuffs apart from fresh food. Tidiness has to be ensured at all costs for a healthier tomorrow.

Availability of Modular Kitchen Accessories:

This calls for the best interior decorators that have years of expertise in kitchen designing, modularizing the cabinets, recommending modular kitchen accessories and changing the overall look and feel of the room. No wonder why; every house must have a kitchen and that’s where all the delicious dishes are prepared every time every day.

One might be worried about how to buy kitchen accessories but with everything getting just easier these days, even buying modular kitchen accessories in India just got easier. Online orders need to be placed sitting at ease from home and the rest gets taken care of by the concerned people from the company. Just like the living room or the bed room, even the kitchen deserves some amount of genuine concern from its masters and pleads for a refurbishment.

The need to revamp the kitchen structure:

A lot of kitchen accessories manufacturers have made their way into the market and offer quality products at various price ranges. The important thing to note here would be the will among people to realize the fact and call for a change. One would be astonished to see the kind of variety that has been developed over the years to make a kitchen look good. The colors, designs, ideas and quality of all these would justify the need for revamping the kitchen.

Kitchen accessories online have only eased the process. One can browse through all the collection sitting at the comfort of his/her home and only needs to decide on the items. Apart from being cost effective, these also ensure proper hygiene and a tidy food environment. It is a must try for all those who haven’t yet..


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Kitchen Chimney – An essential product to work wonders


Every room has to have certain specific things that justify the name of that room. For example: A bedroom does not qualify to be called a bedroom if it does not have a bed. Similarly a restroom is incomplete with a wash basin or a seat. Thus, home is said to be the best place to live and there is a valid reason behind this belief..

Importance of Kitchen Chimneys:

Kitchen too asks for some basic requirements such as a marble slab on which cooking, cutting etc can take place, a kitchen chimney, some modular cabinets, washing sink etc. Without any of these resources, preparing food could be asking for a lot. With time, a lot of things have evolved for the better and so has the kitchen appliances. Talking about the growth in this sector, windows made way for exhaust fans which in turn were replaced by best kitchen chimney.

It is obvious that these things are not bought everyday and are a onetime buy in many years. A lot of kitchen chimney brands are readily available in the markets that shout about their quality, durability, expertise and patent technology. With so much to choose from, making the right choice is usually not difficult. Electric chimney is the most in demand that sucks up all the fumes and smoke while cooking and leads them out of the house through the directed pipes.

Increasing Demands:

India with over a population of 1.25 billion is a huge market for products like these. Kitchen chimneys have become a part of everyone’s daily life without which cooking seems difficult. No one wants fumes and smoke to get trapped inside the house and that is what has encouraged the production and development of these appliances over the years. Kitchen Chimney India has witnessed unbelievable sales in the last decade.

It is therefore of utmost important that one gets a good chimney in kitchen for the betterment of the cook and the overall environment of the house. The same can also be done online where a lot of brands are available to choose from.

How to Buy?

With so many online sellers, you don’t have to worry at all. All you need to do is some reseach online to know what eisting options you have and then choose one based upon your budget. Make sure to check the details of the kitchen chimney beofre buying such as warranties, maintainence cost, etc.

Jun 8 19

Kitchen Design


Ledges and cupboards would it be a good idea

Since the format and capacity alternatives are really standard, picking intriguing materials is key for bailing your kitchen emerge. With regards to counters, stone ledges and marble ledges are exquisite choices, while cement, limestone and stainless steel counters are somewhat more stylish and for preview vision, you can Google and find some modular kitchen photos to have a rough idea. For a bit of color, include a splendid mosaic tile backsplash or select an energetic wood floor complete. You can even stir up your cabinetry! Iced cupboards are incredible for a cutting edge feel, while painted cupboards make for a pleasant yet shabby kitchen redesign.

Small Kitchen Design

Need Inspiration or tips for Small Kitchen plan in your condo or in your delightful house? We should examine for some truly cool thoughts to spruce up your excellent home with latest kitchen designs. Make your little kitchen floor zone feel bigger through a couple of basic methods take after our open Kitchen floor organizer. Grant the kitchen outlines to thoroughly stream easily into the dining and living space. If you wish to alter the divider colours from the kitchen to the dinning zone are outwardly diverse both spaces and home regions give a feeling of profundity and life to your home.

Light wood cupboards will work ponders in your new kitchen with an outsize open window keep this issue looking working region particularly inside loft style thoughts from feeling congested. In an additional small kitchen like in a present day, decreasing as much as extra fittings are the best though. A reach hood, somewhat little stove, table and microwave are in the extent of the zone and take up fewer regions than other extensive forerunners and one can extend the accessories by searching for kitchen cabinets online.

Utilizing straightforward roof lights and fluorescent lighting beneath the pantries can right away light your nature.

Instructions to Maintain Your Kitchen

Introducing a particular kitchen can lift the excellence of your home significantly. It changes the cooking place totally and makes it a focal point of fascination in the house. Indian kitchen designs are obviously a matter of price and budget comes in both in-expensive and costly matter. The best nature of apparatuses and items are utilized within these kitchens for making work advantageous and simple.

Presently, the most imperative question that emerges is the way to keep up your measured kitchen so it keeps going a lifetime. It is evident that, since costly materials are utilized within the making of these kitchens, they require uncommon forethought and consideration.

To include more kitchen stockpiling

Keeping in mind the end goal to store all your cookware, bake ware and little apparatuses, you require good kitchen cabinets designs to save space effectively. To make your space work, utilize each square creep of space: incorporate cupboards in your island, purchase zest racks and hanging pot racks, and put resources into a truck.


Jun 8 19

The specialist in saving dead spaces – Modular Kitchen in India


A standout amongst the most vital purposes for the advancement of this idea of particular kitchen plans is to get free and decently composed kitchen region, regardless of you have a little home or an extensive one… a measured kitchen is for each property holder.

Before I bounce to modular kitchen designs, let me first clarify what it really implies. A secluded kitchen is a design with pre-manufactured modules or parts for successful and effective utilization of the given space in the modern kitchen designs. Modular kitchen in India totally relies on design and plan for the accessible space in your kitchen.

Before I bounce to modular kitchen designs, let me first clarify what it really implies. A secluded kitchen is a design with pre-manufactured modules or parts for successful and effective utilization of the given space in the modern kitchen designs. Modular kitchen in India totally relies on design and plan for the accessible space in your kitchen.

The establishment of a secluded kitchen design in India includes the floor and the dividers too. The cupboards and the stockpiling units in this originator kitchen are made up of the same components and intended for an agreeable utilization, where you will discover brilliant plans for putting away kitchen extras. Get entertained and blend with your visitors while planning suppers by including a breakfast bar or a feasting table to the end of the kitchen. It is an in vogue idea and might be generally adjusted to the Indian kitchen, particularly in atomic families living in the urban areas. It is possible via cutting out a corner where a little table with a few bar stools or even seats might be set around the table. It helps in standardizing or helping the children with their studies, homework and so on while keeping on living up to expectations and cook in your kitchen with kitchen hobs.

This generation kitchen

Today’s kitchen is the center of the home, where families and companions accumulate to cook, consume, excite, and impart everyday life. Your Sleek kitchen, if arranged and executed well, can make standardizing and pleasant if it is two individuals taking a seat for a midnight nibble after a weekend night out, the day by day family supper, the birthday festivals, thanksgiving get-togethers and so on.

Using the kitchen space and keeping it perfect and clean was a repetitive undertaking for each lady. Be that as it may now with the idea of measured kitchen, the culinary space is generally sorted out with each and every thing organized in a fitting manner. A measured kitchen makes the cooking methodology less demanding, as well as adding a touch to the insides of your kitchen. Today, different sorts of particular kitchen fittings are accessible in distinctive colors, styles and determinations. The beautiful plans and examples of the secluded kitchen make it look significantly classier. Advanced technology in architect secluded kitchens could even oblige furniture like table and seats. Separated from this modified measured kitchens are likewise accessible to suit your need. Today, measured kitchens have turned into an essential need of each homemaker.


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