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Congratulations on your new home!

Honestly speaking, nothing can beat the excitement of a new homeowner.

But, there’s a lot that goes while moving into a new home. And, if one is not well prepared then the transition process might prove quite daunting.

This ultimate checklist has been designed to help you accomplish the shifting smoothly:


Change the locks

The moment you take possession of the new house, change the locks of the main door. You really don’t know who else has keys to your property.

Transfer utilities

You need to set up your utilities before you move into your new locality. It feels great once you have electricity, gas and running water in your new house.

Plan your leaves

Notify your employer about your shifting process in advance. Make sure to schedule your deliveries, repairs and installations only when you are at home.

Gather important documents

There can be no better time than this to segregate and label all your important documents – identity proofs, educational and professional certificates, medical records, policy papers and anything else of that nature.

Get to work

Dump all the unwanted things and make a list of what needs to be replaced, keeping in mind the layout and measurements of your new home. It’s advised to label your boxes to avoid unnecessary hassles.

Also, prepare an open box where you should pack everything you need for the first 24 hours in your new home – mattress, a pair of fresh clothes, your toothbrush, some snacks, water and some cash.

Take furniture on rent

Furniture shifting is painful. Thanks to platforms like PepperFryRentOMojo etc. which have made life easier by providing rental furniture with pocket-friendly payment options.


Get a modular kitchen

Lastly, book a modular kitchen from Ultrafresh. We promise to lessen your burden by helping you set up a perfect kitchen for your dream home right from scratch.

We hope the above checklist helps you stay calm and organized as you shift to a new space.

You can contact us speak to one of our kitchen consultants at 1800 226 900.

And, do welcome us for your house warming!