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Business Opportunities | Modular
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Business Opportunities | Steel Kitchen | Start Your Own Business | No Pre Qualification | No Experience Required

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Business Investment* Ultrafresh Representation - 2 Lakhs Ultrafresh Shop in Shop 1 - 2 Lakhs Ultrafresh Mart - 10 Lakhs Ultrafresh World - 15 Lakhs
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New Business Opportunities - Start Your Modular Kitchen Shop in Shop
Investment One Lakh Only - Earn The Benefits.


    ULTRAFRESH with more than two decades of business experience in Modular Kitchen Appliances and Kitchen Furniture, started a new Model of creating “shop-in-shop” retail for Modular Kitchens and Appliances. This business model is not like Franchisee Model usually followed in India, but the kind of back office created by company for creating drawings as per the customer’s site and having a team of installers with after sales service support is better than Franchisee Business Opportunities model. The company is giving a full help like it is in Franchise India Business Model. In this model, the business can be started as a “small business” like in small business franchisee India or big business by investing maximum into display of entire range of products of the company. This business is crafted in such a way that one can start it as a low investment business opportunity and after experiencing the returns; one can then gradually increase the investment and make it a big returns business opportunity. To know the details, please go through the mailer below

    Modular kitchen business is rapidly growing in Indian market because of the real estate development, standard of living enhancement and rising of per capita income. Modular kitchens seem to have become an essential component in apartments is just a question of managing small space. A modular kitchen is no longer about just maximizing use of a small space. Even a relatively large area can be more efficiently organized. It can change the character of a conventional kitchen. Kitchen is an essential part of home where lots of time is spent so that is the reason people want it in an organized ways and must be hygiene. As India is developing on faster run and people living standard isalso increasing so people wants its area to be decorated must be in an organized form. A modular kitchen offers convenience and ergonomics. These are the factors driving demand. Today Modular Kitchen is a style statement and a status symbol.

    How to start your Modular Kitchen Business?

    You can start your modular kitchen business by adopting Ultrafresh business plan. Identifying your target market is the basic step in creating a business plan. Ultrafresh would like to introduce as manufacturer of modular kitchens, cabinets ,shutters and appliances . If you are interested to start modular kitchen business in your place, we can assist you for the complete setup including training in basics of kitchen working, designing, and installation

    Process to start business Opportunities with ULTRAFRESH

    • 1Site viewing

    • 270 % advance of total investment

    • 3Signing of Agreement

    • 4In the time your gallery would be made , training would be provided at Head office to provide full knowledge about the products and to run successful gallery .Our professional and Interactive Modular kitchen Training includes following topics:

      • » Concept of Modular kitchen

      • » Measuring of modular Kitchen

      • » Suggesting Right material to propose

      • » Planning and designing of kitchen in 3D and KD max.

      • » Color combination and selection of right stuff

      • » Costing and Estimation Process

      • » How to install the kitchen

      • » Quality Products and technicality

      • » How to generates leads and entertain the customer.

      • » Understanding customer requirement
  • Vision:

    “To become a leading brand of Modular Kitchen in India”


    •  • Providing Quality products and value for money to the customers with Excellent after sales services.
    •  • Building and maintaining Relationships with Business Associate and Customer
    •  • Using Existing Network of Distribution to make products available to the Customers efficiency
    •  • Changing the Behavior and perception of consumers towards Modular Kitchen
    •  • Focus on the Middle segment and positioning ourselves as the world class manufacturer of Modular Kitchen.


    • 1Over 21 Years of expertise in the Modular Kitchen & Appliances Industry
    • 2One stop shop solution for modular kitchen requirements : Modular kitchens , kitchen appliances , kitchen accessories
    • 3With ULTRAFRESH we deliver solutions that suits your pocket without compromising on quality,every Ultrafresh product is backed by quality assurance that is associated with the brand
    • 4End to End Solutions : ULTRAFRESH specially not only pertains to retailing but sourcing and manufacturing the best for kitchen we deliver
    • 5Modular Kitchen market in India is still at a nascent stage but has a tremendous growth potential
    • 685 % of this market is currently unorganized and 15% of the market is only organized
    • 7Wooden Furniture industry is 71000 Cr industry today

    • 8Modular Kitchen industry is around 20000 Cr

    • 9Modular kitchen industry is growing at a brisk pace of 40% per annum.
  • There are four categories which are vacant for Ultrafresh Galleries
    • 1Ultrafresh Representation – Investment 2 lakhs
    • 2Ultrafresh shop in shop –Investment 1 to 2 Lakhs
    • 3ULTRAFRESH Mart –Investment 10 Lakhs
    • 4ULTRAFRESH world – Investment 15 Lakhs

    Eligibility Criteria

    • 1The showroom should be in a prominent area so that the footfall could be maximum.
    • 2The person should have shop at a prime location with parking facility available.
    • 3The business associate or the showroom Manager preferably be computer literate so that he or she would not face any obstacle regarding business activities.
    • 4The person should willing to take perfect knowledge about the product range and all the technical things.
    • 5The Business Associate preferred be around age between 30 to 45 years old so that he can understand the concepts of business easily.
    • 6The Business Associate should have the ability to handle cutomers in very spontaneous way
    Predecided cities for each zone are as follows :
      North East West South
      Delhi NCR Kolkata Mumbai Chennai
      Indore Bhubaneswar Ahmedabad Bangalore
      Bhopal Siliguri Baroda Hyderabad
      Gwalior Cuttack Surat Coimbatore
      Lucknow Guwahati Nagpur Trivandrum
      Kanpur Tinsukia   Calicut
      Allahabad Howrah   Madurai
      Varanasi     Tiruchi
      Agra     Mangalore
      Merut     Vizag
      Dehradun     Vijayawada

    What is Ultrafresh Representation?

    Ultrafresh representation is only for the Tier-3 cities which do not have limited space in their shop .

    • 1Investment 2 lakhs (Approx.)
    • 2Minimum area would around 100 – 125 sqft in which one kitchen can be displayed properly .
    • 3Branding would be done by the company
    • 4Minimum appliances would be given for the display
    • 5Company will provide assistance in installation & after sale service
    • 6No civil work

    What is Ultrafresh Shop in Shop ?

    The "shop-in-shop" Ultrafresh retail concept is where kitchens are displayed with other brands t or multiple brands are sold under single roof .

    • 1Investment 1 to 2 lakhs (Approx.)
    • 2Minimum space is required around 8ft X 2ft for display.
    • 3One kitchen will be given for the display .
    • 4One Backlit board and inshop branding would be provided by the company .
    • 5All civil work would be done by the owner according to the company norms and conditions
    • 6Company will provide assistance in installation & after sale service

    What is Ultrafresh Mart ?

    Ultrafresh Mart are the Kitchen galleries which would contain three premium kitchen and one medium kitchen in the space .

    • 1Investment 10 lakhs (Approx.)
    • 2Three premium Kitchen and one medium kitchen
    • 3Minimum area should be around 1000 sqft
    • 4Proper parking facility should be available for the customers .
    • 5Branding of showroom and all the decoration would done by the company itself.
    • 6Items like plasma, computer,Air Conditioner ,water dispenser and furniture would also be given by the company.
    • 7Company will provide you 3 years warranty service of all the things given by the company.
    • 8The mart must have 1 boys to look after the Ultrafresh world
    • 9All the Exclusive Gallery cards and POP materials would be designed and given by the company
    • 10Company will provide assistance in installation & after sale service

    What is Ultrafresh World ?

    Ultrafresh world are the exclusive modular kitchen showroom in which all the kitchen display would be of premium quality with aesthetic design.

    • 1Investment 15 lakhs (Approx.)
    • 2Ultarfresh world can be open only in A Grade cities
    • 3The world will fully built up by Ultrafresh with all it premium quality kitchens.
    • 4Minimum area should be around 2000 sqft so that all the display can be made easily and proper aisle space should left for seeing the kitchens by the customers.
    • 5Branding of showroom and all the decoration would done by the company itself.
    • 6Items like plasma, computer,Air Conditioner ,water machine and furniture would also be given by the company.
    • 7Company will provide assistance in installation & after sale service
    • 8The world will have required number of sales staff to look after the showroom
    • 9All the Exclusive Gallery cards and POP materials would be designed and given by the company.

  • Corporate office North India:

    • Ultrafresh Icon  Ultrapure Technology & Appliances India Ltd

    • Mr. Shiraz Naqvi

    • CB-345, 2nd floor, Ring Road, Naraina, New Delhi - 110028. India

    • Mobile No : +91-9711855089

    • Email Ids : shiraz@ultrafreshindia.net

    Regional office East India :

    • Ultrafresh Icon   Ultrapure Technology & Appliances India Ltd

    • Mr. S.K.Dey/Atanu .K.Jana

    • GR-FR 112/1/1, Raja Dinendra Street,Kolkata - 700 004 India.

    • Mobile No : +91-9339872040/9831121250

    • Email Ids : saroj@ultrafreshindia.net, atanu@ultrafresh.in

    Regional office West India :

    • Ultrafresh Icon   Ultrapure Technology & Appliances India Ltd

    • Ms. Anita

    • 203, 2ndFloor, NavNeelamC.H.S, Plot No.108, R.G.Thandani Marg, Worli Seaface, Mumbai-400018, India

    • Phone No : +91-022-32536343/24946897

    • Email Ids : kitchens@ultrafreshindia.net

    Regional office South India :

    • Ultrafresh Icon   Ultrapure Technology & Appliances India Ltd

    • Q.99,SLV Towers,3rd Floor.Third Avenue,Anna Nagar ,Chennai 600 040, India

    • Phone No : 044-42103653

    • Mobile No :9711855089

    • Email Ids : shiraz@ultrafreshindia.net