Dec 6 18


Fruits come with so many amazing benefits but most of us throw away the best parts of fruits without even realising how nutrient-rich they are.
Listed below are some of the common fruit scraps which we belittle:

The peel and the pith (white spongy part around the flesh) of an orange are pretty useful than we realise. Studies show that the rich nutrients present in the pith help lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure and inflammation. Also, pectin (present in both peel and pith) suppresses hunger. You can use leftover orange peel to zest up your meals, toss into smoothies or put in baked goods.


Apple skin has slightly more nutrition than the flesh. The nutrients present in the skin helps remove toxins and waste from the body, and clean out the digestive system. It also helps reduce body inflammation.

Usually, people discard the watermelon rind along with the white flesh. Not many know that – citrulline (present in the white flesh) improves blood circulation and helps prevent cancer.
Next time you purchase these fruits, make sure you get the most out of them.
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