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Dussehra fever is over but Diwali is around the corner again. It’s that time of the year when people are the happiest. One can witness uninterrupted celebrations, a sense of positivity all around.

Diwali celebrates the victory of good over evil, love over hate and hope over despair. Apart from the traditional fireworks and exchange of gifts, there are other rituals too which people love to follow religiously. And, cleanliness is one of them.

Kitchen is considered to be a sacred place. Therefore, it needs to be kept clean. But, there are few elements inside the kitchen which are often left unattended. These pose a risk to your health and therefore needs detailed cleaning.

Here is a list of such health hazards:



Kitchen sponges are the most unclean objects in the house, even dirtier than your bathroom sink. It’s advised to change them regularly or use them only after sanitizing in some bleach solution.




Rubber attracts mold and E. coli. Apart from the base and inner portion of the mixer/blender, it’s important to clean the gasket too. Subsequent use increases the chances of contamination.




Often, the junction point of the handle and face of a spatula is not attended properly while cleaning. Therefore, it’s a potential haven for mold and E. coli.





So many people use the kitchen tap. It’s a no brainer that it’s one of the most neglected things in the kitchen. The top, side, underside and base of the tap need more attention than they actually get. 



These make a great breeding place for bacteria. Over a period of time, dirt and debris build in the crevices. Further, most people don’t wash their knives after using them and when these unclean objects come in contact with the block or other foods, they contaminate them too.


Proper cleaning means paying attention to the smallest of corners. Take care to clean the above mentioned items to avoid sickness and poor health, and ensure safety to your family.

There can be no better time than now, to get a modular kitchen for your family! 


The festive season is all about spreading happiness. That’s why we are offering additional gifts worth 25K on every purchase.

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Know your kitchen before you transform it.


“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.” – Chef Auguste Escoffier


And, good food is always round the corner when you have a well-organised kitchen at your service. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home and is a significant contributor to your happiness. It is that place where the entire family wishes to dine together after a busy day; it is that space where your favourite meals are cooked. Be it a normal day or a special house-party, the kitchen is the busiest workplace in your home even though you spend comparatively lesser time here, than in the other rooms. And you would definitely want your cooking zone to be as perfect as your food, isn’t it?


Everyone wants to own a dream kitchen where one can cook hassle-free, move effortlessly and be efficient. Planning your dream kitchen can be an exhaustive activity and it’s essential that you know the basics of a kitchen before hurrying into owning one.


How many family members would be served at the dining table? What would be your mode of cooking? How much storage space do you need? How often will you host guests at your place? What’s your budget?


There are many questions that need to be answered to ascertain your kitchen requirements. But first, you should know about your kitchen inside out.

You must be aware of the different functional units of the kitchen. The ‘must-have’ zones in your kitchen:


1.The preparation area is where you clean and cut vegetables, mix spices and chop your  meats to prepare your food. It should essentially consist of knives, cutting boards and other preparation tools.

2.The storage areas are the places you store the food, utensils, kitchen tools etc. Some examples of the same are the fridge, kitchen cabinets, drawers etc.

3.The cooking area is where the food is cooked and this is the place where cooktops, hobs, chimneys, ovens, microwaves and other cooking appliances are kept.

4.The cleaning area is where you wash all the utensils. It consists of the sinks, dishwashers and other equipment used for cleaning.

5.And of course, the dining area is where people can sit and have their food.


Cooking activities differ from one household to another and they largely govern the final layout. Ideally, a kitchen should follow the classic triangle theory which states that the cooking area, the storage area and the cleaning area should be aligned in such a way that there is sufficient space for movement and at least three people can work inside simultaneously. It saves your time and energy.


ULTRAFRESH can be your ultimate guide to your dream kitchen. We are one of the leading brands in India, providing complete kitchen solutions. Our experts would be happy to help you achieve your perfect kitchen configuration that will not only comply with the kitchen triangular theory but also suit your taste and budget. You could start by knowing the kinds of kitchens that are commonly used.

Straight Kitchen

This is the simplest kitchen layout and is most effective for smaller homes. All the three – storage, cooking and cleaning areas are aligned along a single linear kitchen wall. 

Parallel Kitchen

 In this type of layout, the kitchen houses the different functional units in two parallel counters making way for some space in-between.

U-shaped Kitchen

This is the most ideal kitchen layout. Storage, cooking and cleaning areas are aligned along the three walls of the kitchen.

L-shaped Kitchen

In this type of layout, the two planes of the kitchen counter meet at right angles, offering more flexibility in the arrangement of the various kitchen units. An L-shaped kitchen requires lesser space than a U-shaped kitchen.

Island Kitchen

This type of layout is ideal for kitchens with more space. An island counter is available at the centre of the plan, which can be used according to the requirement. More than one person can easily work in this type of kitchen.

Now that you have ascertained your modular kitchen requirement, it’s time for the next step. A free home consultation by a reputed company. Speak to one of Ultrafresh’s expert kitchen designers at 1800 226 900 and let’s help begin the process of your kitchen’s transformation

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