Modular Kitchens

Ultrafresh is the perfect blend of design & modern kitchen craft. In the emerging modular kitchen industry, Ultrafresh is considered one of the preferred brands in the market. It offers wide & varied services relating to modern modular kitchens. With more than 25years of expertise and support from a world class R & D team in our arsenal, our constant endeavor is to meet customers’ demands in every work we do. Ultrafresh is today widely accepted across India for its state-of-the-art Modular Kitchen Designs & its ability to deliver the best kitchens to its clients. In today’s developing scenario, modular kitchens have occupied a matured place in every architect’s design blue print. Hence Ultrafresh is working towards bringing upgraded modular kitchen models, doing its best to keep up with the changes in times & preferences. Ultrafresh all  new eco friendly, termite proof, fungal resistant and long lasting mild steel Kitchens are an example of our continuous efforts towards providing innovative & quality products for complete customer satisfaction


Ultrafresh smart kitchen appliances serve luxury without compromising on the comfort of cooking. Now buff your culinary experience up with the support of Ultrafresh Kitchen Chimneys, Kitchen Hobs, Cook tops etc. Ultrafresh keeps introducing modern kitchen appliances which are compatible to Indian Cooking conditions, the ideal choice which gels with each and every modular kitchen design idea. Our festive colour options bring a breath of fresh air in the kitchen, & the well tested technology takes care of your safety and comfort. All the home appliances made for kitchens are loaded with features such as Chimneys come with low noise levels, and effective motor and aesthetic designs to create the pleasant vibes. Now fumes & odours can’t stop you from making the most delicious food for your family. Happy Cooking.


Intelligently designed Ultrafresh Modular Kitchen Accessories are there to meet the most demanding unmet needs of Indian customers. Ultrafresh kitchen accessories are designed aesthetically to suit all types of modular kitchen concepts & budget. Ultrafresh offers three range of accessories Alfa (supreme German quality) , Beta (premium quality) & Gama(Value for money). Ultrafresh accessories guarantee unbeatable solutions for any design of kitchen, Innovative, reliable and untiring performance.


Ultrafresh, serving kitchen requirements across India for 25 years now, has clearly marked its name as one of the most sought after brands in the Indian market today. With its state of the art production facility and pan India sales outlets & service network Ultrafresh promises incomparable product quality , design & cost. Through its modular kitchens, appliances & accessories ultrafresh is providing complete kitchen solution which guarantees incomparable cost, quality & design.

Why Ultrafresh

Why to have an Ultrafresh Modular Kitchen

One of the most important reasons for evolution of the modular kitchen concept is the need for a clutter-free and well organized kitchen area. No matter whether you have a small kitchen space or you have bigger space, Ultrafresh transforms it to a culinary masterpiece. Ultrafresh has marked its presence with its world class, intelligently crafted, and contemporary modular kitchens as per Indian market requirements. Ultrafresh’s endeavor to provide the complete solution of a cozy kitchen is now a success with the all new Ultrafresh kitchen concepts where you can cook at ease, feel fresh, & enjoy a quality time with your family. Ultrafresh Modular Kitchen ideas take care of the kitchen’s appearance as well as the comfort of the cooks, who spend most of the day preparing several meals for the day. Ultrafresh also offers mild steel kitchens (both carcass & shutters) which are new eco friendly, termite proof, fungal resistant and long lasting

Elegant Ultrafresh Kitchen Appliances

Ultrafresh’s quality modular kitchens are complemented by its beautiful range of hand picked kitchen appliances such as Chimneys, built in hobs, cooktops etc. Amazing blend of Ultrafresh appliances and the modular kitchen design offers an optimum balance of artistic look and a superb functionality. Our latest range of kitchen appliances is well accepted and appreciated by the vast architect/interior designer fraternity for its exceptional quality. Ultrafresh Kitchen Appliances are the heart of modern modular kitchens & suit the requirements of traditional Indian kitchen too. Low noise level Kitchen Chimneys keeps the kitchen environment free of sound pollution, high suction capacity feed away the fumes & odour and keeping the environment fresh & healthy, the entire range of Modern Kitchen Appliances is the absolute choice of an Indian Kitchen, whether they are the kitchen chimneys, the built in Hobs, or the cooktops.

Technology at its best

Ultrafresh World class products & state-of-the-art technology makes it the owner’s possession. International standard designs & products are feature packed with best technology and are designed to suit Indian conditions. Performance, reliability, and user-safety are the key areas of our focus. While emphasizing on the technology, the look & feel of the products are carefully tested technically to meet the durability criteria. The goal is achieving the best quality and durability, while functionality is equally considered.

Kitchen Accessories & The Kitchen Cabinets

Modular kitchen accessories, offered by Ultrafresh are gaining great acceptance in the market for the solutions they offer to each unsolved requirements of the customers. Ultrafresh provides an accessory solution for each & every corner of the kitchen and offers convenient storage & clutter free environment. With its wide range of accessories (Alfa Beta & Gama) Ultrafresh is able to meet the diverse demands of all our customers to match their taste, design and budget. Ultrafresh offers all types of kitchen accessories, kitchen cabinets and their configurations. Narrow, large, low or high, you name it & you shall find it within the Ultrafresh collection. Ultrafresh keeps introducing utility options with an aim to optimize space management and to improve living experience. Straight units or corner solutions, Ultrafresh covers them all with multiple alternatives. Extractable platforms, rotating shelves, extractible columns or side mount solutions: Ultrafresh kitchen innerware provide flexible solutions in various sizes and modules. We are a one stop solution for all your kitchen requirements, be it kitchen accessories, kitchen appliances or modular kitchens; we bring convenience and style to your life with stunning and state-of-the-art solutions.