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Modular Kitchen

Advantages/Disadvantages of a civil and an Ultrafresh modular kitchens?

• Indian Homemakers ‘s pride is in their Kitchen , it’s a new Place to flaunt and take more importance ., the “in” thing in the town.

• Ultrafresh offers –Array of assorted Designs and utility Modules that appeal to the naked eye. We at Ultrafresh believe in promises are to be delivered unlike in a civil kitchen (made on site), where the outcome varies from the one shown earlier .

• In a modular kitchen you are sure that the pre-determined budget will not go sky-high, unlike a civil kitchen where your budget may keep on moving towards the higher side , we are specialist in this domain an have expertise in carving out spaces in the kitchen.

Are Ultrafresh modular kitchens suitable for the Indian home?

• Functionality is key when designing a kitchen and placing the working triangle, i.e the sink (wash unit), Hob for cooking and the storage units to have minimum movement. Hence, Ultrafresh Kitchens are organized, functional and yet flexible. 

• Ultrafresh offers –In India, people prefer fresh food to packaged foods, not only stores food grain and other edibles in bulk but also use wide variety of spices. In view of above factors, Indian kitchens needs to be modular – i.e well organized the home maker doing cooking needs to know where and what of the kitchens.

What is the time frame like from the planning to the installation?

<• We need measurement and the tentative budget to design the kitchen , we are responsive and , only manufacture to treat kitchens as project management from conceptualization to final execution

• Ultrafresh offers –Delivery period – 4-5 weeks

What are the maintenance requirements of a modular kitchen?

• Maintenance in a modular kitchen is much less tedious and trouble free as compared to civil one. We share a nominal fee per annum for maintenance of the kitchen

In a modular kitchen, what is the most preferred kitchen layout?

• Subject to the space available

• a one strip or straight Kitchen

• parallel,

• L-shaped

• island layout can be put in. (The island acts as a buffet table, a countertop for keeping utensils and a chopping area, it can sometimes be an obstruction as it eats up space) . We also offer other innovative design – the movable island countertop. The islands come in the form of tables and have wheels at their base. )

Influences determine the design of a modular kitchen?

• The numbers of people living in the home, eating habits and the time spent in the kitchen, all have a call on the kitchen layout.

• The increased functionality as important aspect of the kitchen layout and design.

What about storage in a modular kitchen?

• Prudent Planning is undertaken by Ultrafresh to educate the customers in designing their kitchen , call us for details to make your Kitchen look organized and functional , taking care of aesthetics .

What are the materials available for cabinets and counter tops?

• The counter top is where all the pre cooking, cooking and Post cooking takes place. Therefore, Ultrafresh recommends choosing a material for the worktop that can be easily cleaned and maintained. Options available are granites. laminates, stainless steel, solid wood and corian.

Can one easily change the look of a modular kitchen in a few years?

• Modular units are easy to install and after going through the layouts and dimensions, an area can be designed or re-designed to suit a persons needs. Be it the need for more space or the needs to revamp the look of an old kitchen.

What are the current trends on the modular kitchen scene?

• Design depends on the space available and the personal choice of a consumer. If a kitchen area is spacious, a combination of all black with a hint of steel or aluminum looks beautiful. If one wants a kitchen to look bright and bask in natural light, then light colors is the way to go. Many people go in for the stainless steel look as it is the most hygienic material, but at the same time it may also give off a very industrial sterile feel.

What about hobs and chimneys?

• The hobs are where the heating units are concealed beneath ceramic, metal or granite surfaces. Hobs come in different shapes and sizes, with two, three or more burners as an option.

• The chimney is no longer seen only as a lifestyle product, but has now become a utility. A chimney makes the kitchen area smoke-free unlike most traditional kitchens, where due to the lack of proper ventilation the kitchen becomes a claustrophobic place for cooking Chimneys come in various colors, shapes and features like in built-in pest repellent, air purifier and both exhaust and re-circulation modes.

Are stainless steel sinks a better option than granite ones?

• More and more people are installed stainless steel sinks as they are easy to clean and look neat. They don’t promote growth of mould, mildew or bacteria and sparkle with just one wipe. Steel sinks come readymade, whereas granite ones has to be made. A stainless steel sink is easily removed and fitted in case of problems or leakages.

What kind of flooring should one use in the kitchen?

• Marble, granite, ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, vitrified tiles etc. We recommend using a harder stone as the kitchen is a room where bulky utensils and equipment are shifted, causing scratches and indents.

• Granite is a widely preferred material for the flooring as it is easy to clean and matches practically anything. Although marble absorbs water quickly which makes it prone to staining, it scores high in the looks department.


What are the Chimneys and its uses?

• The traditional way of purifying the air of the kitchen is by exhaust fans. Today in the new era of technology these exhausts fans are ineffective. Today we have the Chimneys installed in the kitchen exhausting the smoke, oil vapor, dust particles and carbon. These Chimneys are highly efficient to get rid of impurities from the air in the kitchen. These Chimneys prove to be a perfect weapon for killing pollutants in the air and gives a healthy environment to the entire family.

Is an exhaust fan in the kitchen sufficient or is it necessary to have a chimney?

• The exhaust fan is not sufficient in the present time where air pollution matters a lot. We recommend using chimney because the exhaust fan can only exhaust the smoke but the carbon particles, the oil and heavy complicated gaseous molecule still remains in the air and falls in your food which is harmful for every members for your family. Today we live in polluted environment in which 6% is kitchen pollution. Diseases like asthma, lungs cancer, throat ulcer, TB, headache, retina trouble and different skin diseases are the result of inhaling theses gases day by day. An ULTRAFRESH chimney throws out total harmful particles out from your kitchen and keeps your family healthy years after years.

What are the sizes of the Chimney and what are their price ranges?

• We make several types of kitchen chimney as per the customers’ requirement, but the area covered by chimneys inside the kitchen is 200 square feet. The price range of Chimneys differs as per the Model. Prices range from Rs. 5,450/- to Rs. 25,000/-.

How many colors of Ultrafresh Chimneys are available in the market?

• We have different types of colors according to customer preferences. We also launched India’s first colorful chimney SPICE with multicolor choice for the customers. We also provide more customized colors according to the customer taste and preferences.

Why will we buy the Ultrafresh Chimney or what is the extra feature in Ultrafresh kitchen chimney?

• For the past 15 years we are in this field and can better understand the customers’ requirement than any body else. So we have come out with an indigenous product called Tulsi, which fulfills the customers’ requirement with better features like Ionizer, Pest repellent etc. An ULTRAFRESH chimney throws out total harmful particles out from your kitchen and keeps your family healthy years after years. Ultrafresh chimneys are designed bigger to cover more suction space than other chimneys in the market. It not only saves the electricity but also saves the cooking – fuel of the customer. Its low decibel noise with vibration damper makes a noise free kitchen environment.


How much time do you require to get my kitchen units once I place the order?

• It takes 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of kitchen units 2-3 days to install. The delivery date is calculated from receipt of confirmed order & advance form the particular customer.

Where do we get the services for Chimney and how much warranty is given by the company?

• Every distributor or dealer provides the services to the customer for any of the customers complain. The company provides one-year warranty on the product also. The service engineer changes the filter after six months. The customers can extend the warranty after it expires. Customers can renew their services at:

Where I can locate your service center?

• We have our services centers in all major metros equipped with trained engineers. You can also send your requests at our head office by calling us at: (+91)-11-25778656 – 59 or email us to: or

Do you undertake civil work in the kitchen as well?

• Sorry we do not undertake any kind of civil activities.

How to register complaints or requests?

• All Ultrafresh products come under a standard warranty and carry warranty documents. In case of any difficulties or problems please email your complaints at, Or Call at our head office at: (+91)-11-25778656 – 59

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