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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Modular kitchen?


    Ans. Modular kitchen gives a clean and trendy look and it builds a perfectly optimized area. It is designed with contemporary finishes which gives longer life to the kitchen and its accessories.

    2. Installation and repairs can easily be done as each part of the kitchen module is separate which gives a perfect look. In a modular kitchen concept each module can be altered without any obstacle coming in but in civil kitchen same is not possible.

    3. You can carry your cabinets, shutters and accessories and fit the same in your new kitchen but civil kitchen can’t be moved anywhere so this becomes a great advantage of having modular kitchen.

    4.Cleaning of modular kitchen is very easy and it takes very less time as all the drawers comes out easily and can be access properly but in a civil kitchen it becomes tough to reach each corner of the kitchen.

    5. Modular kitchen gives the advantage of making extra space according to your need even in the scarcity of space. Cabinet are stuck in stylish manner and provides a cozy look even in smallest kitchen area.

  • Why ULTRAFRESH modular kitchen are suitable for Indian kitchens?



    a. Our kitchens are designed according to Indian cooking and weather conditions i.e. hot summers, monsoon and chilling winters.

    b. Indian people are fond of yummy cuisines and for the same they spend sufficient time in the kitchen area. Fumes and moistures are produced through long hours of cooking but it does not affect the modular kitchen created by Ultrafresh because of its quality wood or galvanized mild steel used in making modular kitchen.

    c. People pick ULTRAFRESH kitchen because it is highly customized base and suits every demand.

    d. Designs are made according to the need, lifestyle and size of the kitchen area.

    e. Ultrafresh kitchens are easy to clean, perceive longer durability, stain free and ensures long lasting aesthetics and functionality.

    f. f. ULTRAFRESH offers 5 years of warranty for all range.

  • What is the time frame required to install Ultrafresh modular kitchen?


    Ans. First, the design of the area is initiated, 3D design is created & shared with the client, and finally the kitchen is installed after the design & costing approval of the client. Ultrafresh usually completes its installation within 4 weeks maximum with fabulous finishing according to your style and expectation.

  • What are the modular kitchens requirements to make it durable for years ?


    Ans.Ultrafresh Modular Kitchen uses ISI marked boards and laminates, Anti termite kitchen cabinets and shutters, water resistant, Anti-bacterial and scratch resistant shutters.

    ULTRAFRESH Kitchens are packed with quality and design, it is durable for years but requires some basic maintenance, and for the same Ultrafresh have skilled service team and 24*7 toll free services to serve you.

  • What type of designs& material are available with Ultrafresh in carcass, and shutters?


    Ans. Ultrafresh provides carcass in marine ply, mild steel and stainless steel. Ultrafresh offers wide range of shutters in membrane, acrylic, post form, four side edge bend in high gloss & matt finish and designer range shutters.

  • What are the current design and pattern available in market for modular kitchen?


    Ans. Modular kitchens are designed on the basis of space available for kitchen. Ultrafresh specializes in providing marine ply and mild steel kitchen. If the area is spacious and termites free then the marine ply carcass and high gloss shutters will give beautiful look to the entire area.

  • What kind of flooring, tilling and ceiling should be used while making a modular kitchen?


    Ans.It depends upon the kind of kitchen you have chosen and the combination of shutter design & color you have selected. All above things can be tested while making a 3d design provided by Ultrafresh that gives a clear picture and make a perfect combination of flooring, tilling and shutters colors.

  • Why cooker hood?


    Ans.If you spend enough of your time out of home, you obviously breathe in polluted air, which is very hazardous for health. At home, the most polluted area is the kitchen where the oil, condiments, water vapor and fumes affects your health; so as to filter the air and to keep a fresh kitchen chimney plays a pivotal role.

    The traditional way of purifying the air is the exhaust fans. Today in the new era of technology, if you compare Exhaust Fans with the new age Chimneys, exhausts fans performs minimally.

    Kitchen chimney separates the oil, water vapor and condiments from the fumes and collects them in a strip and extracts odors effectively.

  • What are the sizes of your cooker hoods and what are there price range ?


    Ans.Ultrafresh offers various chimneys in 60cm ,75cm and 90 cm sizes and the price range starts from Rs. 6000/-.

  • How will we get the best after sales service of Cooker Hood?


    Ans.Ultrafresh serves their customers to best of its abilities. For service or any maintenance you can call on our toll free number- 1800 102 9600, service person will reach the registered location within 24 hours or you can contact any of our dealers located in your area. You can also send your query by mailing us at service@ultrafreshindia.net or info@ultrafreshindia.net.


So just a adapt of the western kitchen would not work , ultrafresh brings to you the smart indian kitchen madejust for you .


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